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Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 10:20 pm (no subject)
we are nude, this is our mood: awake
our noise today: hoobastank - running away
My Best Friend is foxygrandma333
Our 44 common interests are: a perfect circle, ac/dc, black sabbath, bloodhound gang, disturbed, evanescence, eve 6, family guy, finger eleven, food, friends, fuel, godsmack, holding hands, incubus, internet, kissing, korn, led zepplin, less than jake, linkin park, local bands, lostprophets, love, making out, metallica, movies, music, nirvana, office space, photography, pink floyd, punk, punk shows, rage against the machine, sleeping, south park, stand up comedy, story of the year, system of a down, the white stripes, tool, trapt, weezer
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

wishnotgranted and foxygrandma333 share 44 interests.
wishnotgranted and lucifersclown share 39 interests.
wishnotgranted and freakonnaleash share 28 interests.
wishnotgranted and missinnocent42 share 23 interests.
wishnotgranted and spoiledbrat4711 share 22 interests.
wishnotgranted and lukipela999 share 21 interests.
wishnotgranted and bloodofwytelace share 11 interests.
wishnotgranted and bleedingtears54 share 10 interests.
wishnotgranted and haize_0 share 0 interests

jason why dont we have anything in common, u are the only one who doesnt have any
at least its in her pants this time
Me with dreads
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Date:July 19th, 2004 10:31 pm (UTC)
(all whispers)
Damn, we're so cool. And hot.
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Date:July 20th, 2004 11:00 am (UTC)
(all whispers)
Damn right