I am the ghost you never knew.

And the spirit that haunts you all.

Dear Friends of Mine...
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Lets see, this is for my close friends. I will try to name a lot of them. I hate doing this, because I always leave someone out. Here we are.

(these are names of all of my friends that I know have live journal)

Kristine (wishnotgranted)- My dearest best friend. Words I use to describe her - blonde, adhd.

Jason (haize_0)- My hunny bunny. Boyfriend. I love him.

Jake (foxygrandma333)- Krisine's 'close friend'. Also a good friend of mine.

Doug (g33boy)- Kristine's older brother. I dont know if he is a friend of mine though... ::thinks:: meh... ::shrugs::

Bailey (missinnocent42)- Doug's girlfriend, and also a friend of mine.

Athema (bloodofwytelace)- A friend of mine, she came to me from LJ.

Andrea (kareiko)- A friend of mine from school. I miss her.

Stephanie (bleedingtears54)- Friend of mine and Kristine. She saddly moved to Seattle. ::sighs::

Brandon (brandonparsons)- A close friend of mine. He is one of my Solomon's Porch homies.

Jack (lifelessworld)- A friend I met over LJ. He is awesome.

Ben (eruhu)- Another friend I met over LJ.

Char (freakonaleash)- One of me and Kristine's friends from the park.
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